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Kui-Hui Chang, ceramic detonated 315 rush
Auther: Pubdate:2017-01-22

2015 to 315, ceramic store integrity 315 national broadcasting activities organized in XI ' an, attracting many local consumers to snap up, detonated Xian rush on the building materials market in one fell swoop.

Before the ceramic 315 promotions, Xian store through multi media publicity, high quality products, exciting prices, as well as a variety of activities attracted the attention of local consumers, for promotional activities made a lot of the early groundwork.


315 day, many consumers arrive in da Ming Gong building material market Xian ceramic shop doorway, waiting for activity, and stores around nine o'clock in the morning on lining up in long queues at the entrance. Beginning of activities, there are many customers their orders to buy, as this activity was ushered off to a great start.

Xian ceramics the active content is very rich, so that consumers really have benefited. Activities include deposit doubled consumption reaches a certain limit a surprise gifts, top LCD TV can be obtained as a reward. Meanwhile, activities can also participate in the sweepstakes, hit the golden eggs, hit by another surprise gift to donate it. These scream activities, attracting many customers crazy orders to buy bricks, a landscape on the da Ming Gong building material market, lead to more consumer attention.

After the activity statistics, XI ' an, the ceramic 315 promotions sales set a new record in previous years again and highly recognized product quality by local consumers for 2015 years of marketing efforts off to a good start.

According to a single client, specializing in new homes before, he had consulted the study many ceramic brand, ceramic brand culture and quality of products has left him with a good impression. Through visits to understand, he believed that ceramic products are not only excellent quality, and the price is acceptable, ceramic culture also promoted by his favor, thus in 315 sales activities day, had come to Daming Palace stores under a single purchase of ceramic brick.

Through this 315 promotions ceramics not only to enhance the brand image, and established a good reputation in the local market, has won more consumer goodwill, for ceramic building materials in the local market and lay a solid foundation.